Art Blajos grew up in the violent streets of Los Angeles

Art became a product of his environment. Abandoned by his mother at the young age of 9 years old, Art and his brother were turned over to the system. He
was being tossed from boy’s homes, to Juvenile Halls, to family member’s homes.  Being rejected as a young man
taught him to become very angry and violent. This lifestyle led to imprisonment at the age of 16. He spent a
total of 17 years in prison, and for 15 years he was an assassin for one of the most feared prison gangs.  Art found himself in the LA County Jail on Death Row, fighting the death penalty.  After 5 years and a full acquittal, in 1985 through the ministry of Pastor Sonny Arguinzoni and Victory Outreach,  Art went to a Victory Outreach Rehabilitation Home and accepted the Lord Jesus Christ as his Personal Savior. 

Since 2001 the drama Blood In Blood Out has been instrumental in numerous crusades both domestic and
international. What makes this drama so unique is that it’s a true story and Art narrates it live. From the first
scene to the last (salvation scene), it speaks to all walks of life and the gang culture. It ministers to parents, children, gang member’s, and the drug addict. With it’s cast of 35-40 members, the Lord has used this drama to reach thousands.  

Art has been featured in numerous television, media, radio, and news articles across the world.
He has received acknowledgements from County Supervisors, Local City Councils, Wardens, Schools, and Churches.


EGR, hailing from Modesto, California is a transformative force in the Christian rap scene. From an early age, EGR was immersed in the vibrant culture of hip-hop, but it was his profound spiritual journey that shaped his unique musical path.

His lyrics are a dynamic blend of personal testimony, Biblical truths, and a call to social justice, resonating with listeners from all walks of life.




Contact: (503) 881-2550